Know What All Goes in the Famed Av Club

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As we all know the audio visual club is an amusement newspaper and also a website which is published by The Onion. Since the audio visual club comes in print as well as in the website, the print section comes with the interviews of many interesting people though in a shorter version. It doesn’t end here only. It has got other things as well. These include the reviews of newly released games, movies and books. Pop cultures are also given importance in the audio visual club. If you feel that you need to read and know more about the interviews and information that are given in the printed section then you can always check out the website of the audio visual club. The more detailed versions of your search are always available in the website. The website also gives you new reviews on a daily basis and much more than that which are available in print.

Earlier when the website was newly launched it had no option for people to comment and hence it was difficult to get the direct feedbacks from the people. Later when the website was developed and redesigned, a new section was opened for the people to comment. This was and still is a very vital point because it enables the audio visual club to hear from the public directly. Since audio visual club deals with a lot of sectors, that’s why the comments that are posted by the people should not be offensive or abusive. If you think that audio visual club works on a small ground then you may well be wrong. They have a huge link with the recent music releases, movies, television shows, games and other videos which include various interviews. Talking about music releases in the audio visual club, some of the major music launches that they have covered so far are Take Care by Drake, Camp by Childish Gambino, Hello Sadness by Los Campesinos, Ambition by Wale, Abdication by Reigning Sound, Free Clouds by Carter Tanton, Spills Out by Pterodactyl, Guilty Pleasure by Brokencyde, Crazy Clown Time by David Lynch, Parallax by Atlas Sound, Evanescence by Evanescence and many others. If you consider the likes of movies then also you will get a big list. Jack and Jill, Immortals, Elite Squad: the Enemy Within, The Conquest, Into The Abyss, London Boulevard, The Love We Make, The Last Rites Of Joe May, The Son Of No One, Killing Bono, Youth Goeth In Love, The Rum Diary, Anonymous, Like Crazy and Silver Bullets to name a few. There are also the reviews of recent DVDs such as Kuroneko, Island Of Lost Souls, Maniac Cop, In A Glass Cage and Laurel and Hardy. Some of these are well known as they have made way to the elite group of DVDs. Book lovers should also get a lot of interest because you will find books such as Zone One, A Life In The Dark, You Are Not So Smart and The Magic Of Reality. So it would be a great experience for you if you go through the audio visual club. It is bound to bring a change in you.

List of Cool Games in Audio Visual Club

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Are you bored of the daily chores of hectic work and need some time to enjoy and have fun? Then you must try playing some computer games. They are really cool and interesting and it will completely make you stress free. Games are basically based on the simple theory as to how your success is dependent on the choice of others. Depending on what type of person you are, games can be psychological, action packed, comical, strategic and intellectual.

For such purpose, the audio visual media has lots of games for you where you can indulge yourself. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Lord Of The Rings: War In The North, Battlefield 3, The Cursed Crusade, Batman: Arkham City, Aliens: Infestation, Glitch, Rage, Dark Souls, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Burnout Crash, Gears Of War 3, Dead Island and Pirates Of Black Love to name a few.

Modern Warfare 3 is an action packed game which deals with a collection of military that are set out to fight the cruel battles against black operations during the time of the third world war. Not only is it a fighting game but also an interesting game as well. There are various missions such as rescuing a kidnapped president and fight to save a heavy gas attack on London. The characters of the game are distinctly made and perfectly suits to the plot that has been set. Where Modern Warfare 3 is action based, Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a game based on strategy. The story of this game is a bit literary in nature and has lots of narratives. There are mainly four characters with whom you can play with- Eradan, Gimli, Farin and Andriel. The Cursed Crusade is a different kind of game with a totally new style of story line. The protagonist of the game had been sent to hell because they had tried to flee from death. In this game these people are trapped and they do not have much power within them. The main hero of this game is Denz who is a young knight. His father never came back from his last crusade and that is why Denz is in search for his father. Throughout the game he has a partner named Esteban and together they fight battles and destroy castles. In this way the game unfolds to higher levels where the tasks get harder and harder. If you are addicted to comics then Batman: Arkham City will definitely bring your comic character to life. Here you will be able to play the role of Batman. If you have played The Dark Knight then this game would surely give you much more than that. Batman: Arkham City comes with more enemies than before and along with that comes more thinking of your brain and skilful strategy. In this game you will be privileged with free access to roof tops and other places unlike The Dark Knight where you had to upgrade yourself in each and every step in order to get the new privileges.

So get going with all these super cool games in the audio visual club because you also need some time for entertainment.

History of Audio Visual Club

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To know about the history of the audio visual club we need to know what it is in real. The Onion is the main root to the audio visual club. It gave birth to what we know as the audio visual club which deals with entertainment newspaper and a website. The main objective of the audio visual club is to give the reviews of the newly released movies, television shows, music launches, new books and games. And also not to forget, the live coverage and interviews and the latest news of various Medias and other pop customs. The presentations of the audio visual club are not at all serious but carry with it a good sense of humor to make it more interesting and attractive.

The Onion was first found in 1988 and five years later in 1993 a student of University of Winscon- Madion, Stephen Thompson, came up with the idea of bringing in an entertainment section in The Onion. This section later was renamed as The Audio Visual Club and hence the stone started rolling. Thompson’s ideas were practical as the audio visual club helped in the expansion of The Onion worldwide. After a few days of research and experimentation it was observed that selling of advertisements were really easy than to sell film reviews and also people’s taste were bent towards the lists of concerts and not towards the regular news which most of the times appeared to be satiric. The audio visual club came up with their internet launch in 1996. At that time the internet was not that regular for the common people and hence many of its print features were missing. Later in 2005 the website developers came up with a new and better designed website that had the provisions for the readers to comment and also write their own blogs. However in 2006 another design for the website was set up where there were regular updates unlike the older version which updated their news and views on a weekly basis.

The audio visual club started to get popularity and in October 2007 it reached its high for the first time with an astounding one million visitors. From then on there was no looking back. Towards the end of 2009 it was reported that the website of the audio visual club had over 1.4 million visitors. To add to it, it started receiving over 75000 comments monthly. December 2004 saw the resignation of the creator of the audio visual club, Stephen Thompson and Keith Phipps was his replacement. In 2002 the audio visual club launched a compilation containing 68 interviews. These interviews had already been featured earlier but since they became such a hit that the audio visual club decided to bring on a collection of those interviews. It was named as “The Tenacity of the Cockroach: Conversations with Entertainment’s Most Enduring Outsiders”. The audio visual club came up with their second book in October 2009 titled as “Inventory: 16 Films Featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls, 10 Great Songs Nearly Ruined by Saxophone, and 100 More Obsessively Specific Pop-Culture Lists. This was also available in their website.

Influential Poker Players

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With the sudden rise in poker popularity a few years ago there have been millions that have jumped on the bandwagon and now also enjoy playing poker. With millions of players whom play poker online and trying to become a professional poker player you can only imagine the amount of role models and influential poker players there are out there. Many poker players have been able to help the poker industry strive and they deserve to be noticed for there work that they’ve done.

Many professionals spend time doing interviews on the radio and television as well as play poker on the television and much more in order to advance the game. If they wanted they could sit in a casino all day and make money, but instead they work on improving the game and adding to the already large amount of poker players playing the game. Poker has been played for decades upon decades, but it was never really popular until about a decade ago when more people found the game and started playing it.

Before then many poker players shaped the game that we all love today though and we’ll recognize some of them for there amazing efforts in this article. I won’t be able to list all of the influential players that have graced us with there presence, but I will be listing some of the more notable players.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is by far the most influential player in poker history and has been playing for decades. He is a pioneer in the game and every poker whether young or old has heard and seen Doyle play on the television. He seems to always be on television shows, and he also owns his own online poker room which has helped the online players have a place to play.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth has been playing in major tournaments since the late 80’s and since then has won more Texas Holdem WSOP Bracelets then any other poker professional out there. He know spends time playing in television games and WSOP tournaments and has helped shape the poker world. He is known as the Poker Brat and actually has a clothing brand being released shortly. Phil is sponsored by the online poker site.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is the younger poker player’s role model and has been playing poker for years now. Everyone who has started playing poker in the last decade has definitely heard of this player. He spends time playing the game he loves, but also spends time teaching players how to win on his website. He has spent countless hours improving the game and outlook on the game and has done a great job at proving poker isn’t only for mean mugging guys.

There are more influential players in poker, but it would take days to list them all here. The above three players have done gone through a lot of work in evolving poker and now it’s one of the most popular games played around the world. It’s a great game to learn and you’ll never become bored of playing it as there is the excitement of potentially winning money. Daniel recently signed a contract with to be one of their top level pros.

Learn to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

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A true poker pro needs to think like a businessman and learn to adapt gaming strategies within the rules of the type of poker game he or she most prefers and has a winning streak for so as to increase income possibilities on a large scale. This is why players looking to play the traditional 7-card stud version should know the rules, strategy and definitions for best hands in order to play this high card game with consistent wins.

As a general rule, most winning hands are determined by the highest 2-pair if not the highest pair as compared to straight, flush or similar big hands. This means that if a player begins with a straight or even a flush draw, he or she must have a minimum of 2 high cards if not one card, which should be higher than others on the board.

When this happens, the draw hands and those with low pair starting hands need to focus on improving their hands if they cannot turn a high pair fast enough to stay in the game.

Should board cards beat the high hand a player holds, it is smart to fold if the player thinks this is the best draw hand he or she can hope to have. It is also wise to play high hands early and fast so that any improvement chances are limited to the initial stage of the game by thinning out any competition, should it exist.

Finally, in 7-card stud poker, it is advisable to slow play only draw hands if a player is aiming to simply encourage others in the game to keep adding to the pot hoping for a hit with high pot odds.

Now, coming to definitions for different hands in 7-card stud poker, “High cards’ are described as 10 through Ace while ‘Low cards” are naturally at the other spectrum of the deck that is 89 through 2.

If your starting hand has one of the pair cards down and the other card up, this is termed as a ‘Split pair.’ But if both your pair cards are in the hole for your starting hand and the side card is the kicker up, then it is classified as a ‘Concealed pair.’

You may have also heard of ‘Door card.’ This refers to the up card that is kept face up during a starting hand. Coming to ‘Dead cards,’ these are cards that have already been revealed and thus, no longer considered part of the deck.

Now, during a 7-card stud poker game, when one comes across the term ‘Fast play’ as mentioned earlier in the article, it simply means to make a bet, raise and continue to raise in order to eliminate as many players as possible in the quickest time possible, to reduce competition. The opposite of this tactic is called ‘Slow play,’ which requires a player focused on winning to check and call in order to make opponents comfortable and keep adding to the pot just to increase his or her pot odds.

Finally, coming to ‘Check-fold’ this is a stage when a player is required to check if able, or fold but only if the player is bet into, not otherwise. It is advisable to accept all free cards that are offered, say pros.

This game is usually played with 2 to 8 players and has a fixed limit betting procedure with 5 betting rounds after every player antes up.

Tight Aggressive Poker Strategy

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In poker, the tight aggressive strategy is arguably the best and most common strategy that exists today. There is good reason for the popularity of the tight aggressive strategy as it combines many good things all under the umbrella of one strategy. It can be argued that tight aggressive play is the mathematically correct choice when playing poker and if poker was played in an emotionless vacuum, this would be correct. Regardless, the tight aggressive strategy is the standard strategic archetype used by most of the top players around the world and being able to execute the strategy effectively will do wonders for your poker game.

As you might have guessed, there is a tight element to the tight aggressive strategy and there is an aggressive element. The tight element is playing tight. The meaning of playing tight, for those who do not know, is being very selective about the hands that you choose to play. A player who is playing tight will fold a good deal of the hands that they get. Most of the hands that you are dealt in any given hour at the poker table will be unworthy of play. As such, you should be folding the majority of your hands. By playing tight you will limit your downside risk by avoiding bad or problematic hands and keeping as many chips in your stack for when you get really good hands.

When you do get hands that are worth playing, a tight aggressive player will play them very aggressively. There is a saying that goes if your hand is good enough to call it is good enough to raise and this is a motto that the tight aggressive player takes very seriously. Hands that you are playing as a tight aggressive player should be good; therefore, you should be playing them very aggressively by betting and raising. While being aggressive means that you should be attacking the pot and making moves, it does not mean that during the additional betting rounds you should not reevaluate your position should the status of the board change.

Using a tight aggressive playing style when you play poker online involves more than just folding hands that are poor and playing extremely aggressively when you get hands that are good. Using the tight aggressive play style correctly involves being able to think while you are sitting at the table and react to changes in your environment. Using a tight aggressive strategy in poker is a very intellectual approach to the game and is the most popular approach to the game used by many of the world’s best pros. By folding the majority of the hands that you are dealt and playing the hands that are good very aggressively, you should be able to instantly improve your overall play and start to put more money into your stack.

Tournament Strategy on the Bubble

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So, you have managed to get yourself far enough into an online poker tournament to be in the dreaded bubble situation and that deserves congratulations. Playing around the bubble is an interesting and completely unique beast to tournament poker and the approach to the bubble can vary from person to person. There is nothing worse in a poker tournament than being the “bubble boy.” For those who do not know the term, the bubble person is the last person who finishes out of the money. Playing through the bubble is the most important thing when the tournament starts getting to that stage.

Your poker chip count in relation to the average stack and blinds will determine the most ideal bubble strategy. For a player that is short stacked, the first thing you should do when you start getting close to the bubble is start playing extremely tight. Do not let any chips out of your stack that you do not have to let go of. Unless you have a premium hand, or you have to double up to survive, a short stacked player should play conservatively, moving all-in or folding.

If, however, you have a deeper stack, the bubble plays a much less important role. Being further up in chip count means you can continue to play without fear of being knocked out as the bubble person. Instead, you can use the other players bought of conservatism to increase the size of your chip stack. It is every poker player’s biggest fear to be knocked out on the bubble, so playing on that fear can net you a lot of chips and give you a lot more strength than you would otherwise have.

Depending on the number of people in the tournament, the bubble phase can last quite a while. As soon as the game approaches the point where the bubble person will be decided in the near future, all risky betting is shut down and everyone who is in danger of being knocked out is doing everything they can to wait it out until they can finish in the money. The number of people folding almost every hand they get is staggering and if you are in a deeper stacked position, you can use this to your advantage. After the bubble person has been knocked out, most things return to some semblance of regularity at

Playing during the bubble phase can be extremely nerve-racking or extremely enjoyable depending on the depth of your stack. Being the first person out of the money is a terrible feeling and it is the goal of everyone not to be put in that position. As such, if you are short stacked make sure you morph into a total nit and do not open up until the bubble has passed. It is even better if you have just paid the blinds, as you will last at least another round all the way around the table.

Strategy for Hijack Position Play

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Playing from the hijack position when you are sitting at the poker table is an excellent opportunity for players who use the advantages of the position properly. There are many benefits to being in the hijack position but arguably the biggest is the fact that you are second to last to act and, as a result, have a great deal of information with which to make your decisions. Having information at your disposal is vital to your success at the table. In order to get the biggest benefit from this position, you must use the information that it provides.

The best thing that you can do when playing from the hijack position on Full Tilt Poker is to make sure that you pay attention to every action that people take before it is your turn to act. By focusing on everything that the other players do, you will be able to make a much better decision when it is your turn to act. What you do when the action comes to you depends upon what the people in front of you have done. There are so many options available to a player in this position that a lot of it is also dependant on personality.

One of the strategies that is perfectly suited to the hijack position is stealing the blinds. Almost everyone is expecting players to steal the blinds from the cutoff position but the number of people expecting it from the hijack is significantly less. As such, you will be able to get away with stealing the blinds more often from the hijack position when compared to the cutoff. In addition to stealing the blinds, you can play almost any two cards from this position depending on whether anyone has raised in front of you. Assuming that action has been pretty weak in front of you, you can often bluff completely and put in a big raise to get more money than if you were just trying to steal the blinds.

There are some occasions that you should play a little more slowly when in the hijack position on a site like One specific situation where it is ideal to put the brakes on is when the actions in front of you is really light and you have a very solid hand. In these situations, you can easily push out the rest of the people at the table if you make a sizeable raise, which will usually result in a decreased return on your premium hands. Thus, high quality hands can be played slowly to extract extra money from your opposition. While it does give the potential of trapping yourself, it also leaves open the option of re-raising if someone raises behind you.

Playing Online Poker Tournaments

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Online poker tournament play is completely different from playing in cash games. While the basic rules of the game have not changed, the mechanics are so different that many things that are proper to do in cash games will not work at all in tournament scenarios. There are a number of important differences in tournament play and they include the fact that blinds are always increasing, your table changes with regularity, and the fact that the pace of the game is usually much faster. Being able to address properly these issues will help to improve greatly your play in the sites.

The fact that the blinds are always increasing is something that should be at the forefront of your mind when you are playing poker in a tournament environment. Because the blinds are always increasing, you cannot sit and wait for the premium hands to come to you. In order to be successful, you need to open up the acceptable range of hands and make big plays when the opportunities arise. Every chip that you leave on the table is an increasingly difficult thing to get back and as the tournament goes on, the importance of having a solid foundation becomes more and more important.

Additionally, because the table you are sitting at is always changing, your chance to feel out your opponents is greatly reduced. In a cash game, you can often be playing with the same people for many hours on end and get a very good feeling for how they play. This is not the case in a tournament scenario where you are changing tables multiple times in an hour. As such, it is important to focus on the numbers a lot and, if you are able to get a read on the players quickly, to use that to your advantage while you can.

The pace in tournament poker is usually much faster than traditional cash games. This pace can often fluster players who are not used to the rapid pace of play. When you are playing Texas Hold’em in a tournament, you need to make your decisions quickly and go with them. Tournament poker is no time to second-guess yourself and playing slowly can result with you behind the curve, which is a terrible place to find yourself. Make decisions quickly and either raise or fold but do not spend a lot of time ruminating on a hand unless it is a situation where most or all of your chips are at stake.

Getting acclimated to online tournament play can take a while. The differences between cash game poker and tournament poker are extensive and the only way to get a good understanding on the mechanics of tournament play is to sign up and struggle through some small stakes tournaments. Understanding the differences and what is important will go a long way to taking you farther in your tournaments but experience is definitely the best teacher.