History of Audio Visual Club

To know about the history of the audio visual club we need to know what it is in real. The Onion is the main root to the audio visual club. It gave birth to what we know as the audio visual club which deals with entertainment newspaper and a website. The main objective of the audio visual club is to give the reviews of the newly released movies, television shows, music launches, new books and games. And also not to forget, the live coverage and interviews and the latest news of various Medias and other pop customs. The presentations of the audio visual club are not at all serious but carry with it a good sense of humor to make it more interesting and attractive.

The Onion was first found in 1988 and five years later in 1993 a student of University of Winscon- Madion, Stephen Thompson, came up with the idea of bringing in an entertainment section in The Onion. This section later was renamed as The Audio Visual Club and hence the stone started rolling. Thompson’s ideas were practical as the audio visual club helped in the expansion of The Onion worldwide. After a few days of research and experimentation it was observed that selling of advertisements were really easy than to sell film reviews and also people’s taste were bent towards the lists of concerts and not towards the regular news which most of the times appeared to be satiric. The audio visual club came up with their internet launch in 1996. At that time the internet was not that regular for the common people and hence many of its print features were missing. Later in 2005 the website developers came up with a new and better designed website that had the provisions for the readers to comment and also write their own blogs. However in 2006 another design for the website was set up where there were regular updates unlike the older version which updated their news and views on a weekly basis.

The audio visual club started to get popularity and in October 2007 it reached its high for the first time with an astounding one million visitors. From then on there was no looking back. Towards the end of 2009 it was reported that the website of the audio visual club had over 1.4 million visitors. To add to it, it started receiving over 75000 comments monthly. December 2004 saw the resignation of the creator of the audio visual club, Stephen Thompson and Keith Phipps was his replacement. In 2002 the audio visual club launched a compilation containing 68 interviews. These interviews had already been featured earlier but since they became such a hit that the audio visual club decided to bring on a collection of those interviews. It was named as “The Tenacity of the Cockroach: Conversations with Entertainment’s Most Enduring Outsiders”. The audio visual club came up with their second book in October 2009 titled as “Inventory: 16 Films Featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls, 10 Great Songs Nearly Ruined by Saxophone, and 100 More Obsessively Specific Pop-Culture Lists. This was also available in their website.