Influential Poker Players

With the sudden rise in poker popularity a few years ago there have been millions that have jumped on the bandwagon and now also enjoy playing poker. With millions of players whom play poker online and trying to become a professional poker player you can only imagine the amount of role models and influential poker players there are out there. Many poker players have been able to help the poker industry strive and they deserve to be noticed for there work that they’ve done.

Many professionals spend time doing interviews on the radio and television as well as play poker on the television and much more in order to advance the game. If they wanted they could sit in a casino all day and make money, but instead they work on improving the game and adding to the already large amount of poker players playing the game. Poker has been played for decades upon decades, but it was never really popular until about a decade ago when more people found the game and started playing it.

Before then many poker players shaped the game that we all love today though and we’ll recognize some of them for there amazing efforts in this article. I won’t be able to list all of the influential players that have graced us with there presence, but I will be listing some of the more notable players.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is by far the most influential player in poker history and has been playing for decades. He is a pioneer in the game and every poker whether young or old has heard and seen Doyle play on the television. He seems to always be on television shows, and he also owns his own online poker room which has helped the online players have a place to play.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth has been playing in major tournaments since the late 80’s and since then has won more Texas Holdem WSOP Bracelets then any other poker professional out there. He know spends time playing in television games and WSOP tournaments and has helped shape the poker world. He is known as the Poker Brat and actually has a clothing brand being released shortly. Phil is sponsored by the online poker site.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is the younger poker player’s role model and has been playing poker for years now. Everyone who has started playing poker in the last decade has definitely heard of this player. He spends time playing the game he loves, but also spends time teaching players how to win on his website. He has spent countless hours improving the game and outlook on the game and has done a great job at proving poker isn’t only for mean mugging guys.

There are more influential players in poker, but it would take days to list them all here. The above three players have done gone through a lot of work in evolving poker and now it’s one of the most popular games played around the world. It’s a great game to learn and you’ll never become bored of playing it as there is the excitement of potentially winning money. Daniel recently signed a contract with to be one of their top level pros.