Know What All Goes in the Famed Av Club

As we all know the audio visual club is an amusement newspaper and also a website which is published by The Onion. Since the audio visual club comes in print as well as in the website, the print section comes with the interviews of many interesting people though in a shorter version. It doesn’t end here only. It has got other things as well. These include the reviews of newly released games, movies and books. Pop cultures are also given importance in the audio visual club. If you feel that you need to read and know more about the interviews and information that are given in the printed section then you can always check out the website of the audio visual club. The more detailed versions of your search are always available in the website. The website also gives you new reviews on a daily basis and much more than that which are available in print.

Earlier when the website was newly launched it had no option for people to comment and hence it was difficult to get the direct feedbacks from the people. Later when the website was developed and redesigned, a new section was opened for the people to comment. This was and still is a very vital point because it enables the audio visual club to hear from the public directly. Since audio visual club deals with a lot of sectors, that’s why the comments that are posted by the people should not be offensive or abusive. If you think that audio visual club works on a small ground then you may well be wrong. They have a huge link with the recent music releases, movies, television shows, games and other videos which include various interviews. Talking about music releases in the audio visual club, some of the major music launches that they have covered so far are Take Care by Drake, Camp by Childish Gambino, Hello Sadness by Los Campesinos, Ambition by Wale, Abdication by Reigning Sound, Free Clouds by Carter Tanton, Spills Out by Pterodactyl, Guilty Pleasure by Brokencyde, Crazy Clown Time by David Lynch, Parallax by Atlas Sound, Evanescence by Evanescence and many others. If you consider the likes of movies then also you will get a big list. Jack and Jill, Immortals, Elite Squad: the Enemy Within, The Conquest, Into The Abyss, London Boulevard, The Love We Make, The Last Rites Of Joe May, The Son Of No One, Killing Bono, Youth Goeth In Love, The Rum Diary, Anonymous, Like Crazy and Silver Bullets to name a few. There are also the reviews of recent DVDs such as Kuroneko, Island Of Lost Souls, Maniac Cop, In A Glass Cage and Laurel and Hardy. Some of these are well known as they have made way to the elite group of DVDs. Book lovers should also get a lot of interest because you will find books such as Zone One, A Life In The Dark, You Are Not So Smart and The Magic Of Reality. So it would be a great experience for you if you go through the audio visual club. It is bound to bring a change in you.