Learn to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

A true poker pro needs to think like a businessman and learn to adapt gaming strategies within the rules of the type of poker game he or she most prefers and has a winning streak for so as to increase income possibilities on a large scale. This is why players looking to play the traditional 7-card stud version should know the rules, strategy and definitions for best hands in order to play this high card game with consistent wins.

As a general rule, most winning hands are determined by the highest 2-pair if not the highest pair as compared to straight, flush or similar big hands. This means that if a player begins with a straight or even a flush draw, he or she must have a minimum of 2 high cards if not one card, which should be higher than others on the board.

When this happens, the draw hands and those with low pair starting hands need to focus on improving their hands if they cannot turn a high pair fast enough to stay in the game.

Should board cards beat the high hand a player holds, it is smart to fold if the player thinks this is the best draw hand he or she can hope to have. It is also wise to play high hands early and fast so that any improvement chances are limited to the initial stage of the game by thinning out any competition, should it exist.

Finally, in 7-card stud poker, it is advisable to slow play only draw hands if a player is aiming to simply encourage others in the game to keep adding to the pot hoping for a hit with high pot odds.

Now, coming to definitions for different hands in 7-card stud poker, “High cards’ are described as 10 through Ace while ‘Low cards” are naturally at the other spectrum of the deck that is 89 through 2.

If your starting hand has one of the pair cards down and the other card up, this is termed as a ‘Split pair.’ But if both your pair cards are in the hole for your starting hand and the side card is the kicker up, then it is classified as a ‘Concealed pair.’

You may have also heard of ‘Door card.’ This refers to the up card that is kept face up during a starting hand. Coming to ‘Dead cards,’ these are cards that have already been revealed and thus, no longer considered part of the deck.

Now, during a 7-card stud poker game, when one comes across the term ‘Fast play’ as mentioned earlier in the article, it simply means to make a bet, raise and continue to raise in order to eliminate as many players as possible in the quickest time possible, to reduce competition. The opposite of this tactic is called ‘Slow play,’ which requires a player focused on winning to check and call in order to make opponents comfortable and keep adding to the pot just to increase his or her pot odds.

Finally, coming to ‘Check-fold’ this is a stage when a player is required to check if able, or fold but only if the player is bet into, not otherwise. It is advisable to accept all free cards that are offered, say pros.

This game is usually played with 2 to 8 players and has a fixed limit betting procedure with 5 betting rounds after every player antes up.