List of Cool Games in Audio Visual Club

Are you bored of the daily chores of hectic work and need some time to enjoy and have fun? Then you must try playing some computer games. They are really cool and interesting and it will completely make you stress free. Games are basically based on the simple theory as to how your success is dependent on the choice of others. Depending on what type of person you are, games can be psychological, action packed, comical, strategic and intellectual.

For such purpose, the audio visual media has lots of games for you where you can indulge yourself. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Lord Of The Rings: War In The North, Battlefield 3, The Cursed Crusade, Batman: Arkham City, Aliens: Infestation, Glitch, Rage, Dark Souls, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Burnout Crash, Gears Of War 3, Dead Island and Pirates Of Black Love to name a few.

Modern Warfare 3 is an action packed game which deals with a collection of military that are set out to fight the cruel battles against black operations during the time of the third world war. Not only is it a fighting game but also an interesting game as well. There are various missions such as rescuing a kidnapped president and fight to save a heavy gas attack on London. The characters of the game are distinctly made and perfectly suits to the plot that has been set. Where Modern Warfare 3 is action based, Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a game based on strategy. The story of this game is a bit literary in nature and has lots of narratives. There are mainly four characters with whom you can play with- Eradan, Gimli, Farin and Andriel. The Cursed Crusade is a different kind of game with a totally new style of story line. The protagonist of the game had been sent to hell because they had tried to flee from death. In this game these people are trapped and they do not have much power within them. The main hero of this game is Denz who is a young knight. His father never came back from his last crusade and that is why Denz is in search for his father. Throughout the game he has a partner named Esteban and together they fight battles and destroy castles. In this way the game unfolds to higher levels where the tasks get harder and harder. If you are addicted to comics then Batman: Arkham City will definitely bring your comic character to life. Here you will be able to play the role of Batman. If you have played The Dark Knight then this game would surely give you much more than that. Batman: Arkham City comes with more enemies than before and along with that comes more thinking of your brain and skilful strategy. In this game you will be privileged with free access to roof tops and other places unlike The Dark Knight where you had to upgrade yourself in each and every step in order to get the new privileges.

So get going with all these super cool games in the audio visual club because you also need some time for entertainment.