Poker Dice Games

Over the years, there have been many acceptable forms of amusement with dice games being a primary medium of entertainment that is easy and affordable. Though many people felt that the game of Craps is the casino’s top choice for popular entertainment, with the availability of unique and beautifully crafted (some even hand-made and personalized for poker fans) poker dice, the variety and fun factor of a great board game cannot be emphasized more.

The newest style of FullTilt Poker variations that does away with cards getting spoil and damaged from frequent or non-standard play is now over, thanks to board games using poker dice! That’s because the dice clearly replaces cards without taking away from the fun aspect of the game.

In this style, the 6 sides of the dice each feature a high card as opposed to the standard dots on a regular dice, like Ace through 9. The game takes only a few minutes to play, which further adds to the fast pace of a poker game unlike the card variations existing globally, making poker dice games, easy, fun and fast to play!

The cube or rather poker dice is used to form a poker hand, much like in the regular card game, except that each side features either Ace or King or Queen or Jack or 10 and 9. There are 5 dice used in the game and for winning, a player needs to roll out the best possible combination of a poker hand. The players all start out with no points and only after the dice roll can they decide which row holds the best combination for them.

Like in regular poker games using cards, there is the ante. Post ante, every player needs to roll 5 dice playing in turn to roll and in the effort for rolling out best combination so that he wins maximum points with each of the rows.

Each player is permitted 3 rolls of dice and the choice of saving any single dice from an earlier roll to ensure maximum points for winning the game. Now, if a dice is put aside for this purpose, this dice may not be rolled a second time for that particular player’s turn. The maximum points added up at the end of the game determine the winner.

He can then take a second roll, evaluate the row before him and follow through to the final roll, which represents his poker hand. The play passes to the next player who follows through in the exact same manner to build his poker hand; a player can opt to pass a roll to the next player too. This is also a step taken for making the game more challenging (allowing only 2 rolls instead of 3 per player) like in video poker tournaments.

Good poker gaming etiquette applies for the dice poker game variation also and all players must patiently wait their turn while the previous player decides the results of his roll-play in terms of which dice to remove and which to keep.

The real objective of this poker dice game then is to secure a poker hand that is decidedly better than the one others can roll out. Therefore new players to this game are advised to learn up good dice combinations as well as bad dice combinations so they know the difference.