Post Bubble Tournament Strategy

Congratulations are in order as, if you have made it past the poker bubble; you are officially in the money for the tournament. It is an extremely rewarding feeling to place in the money but making sure you get the most money possible is now the name of the game. Play after the bubble will return to some semblance of normalcy but it will not be the way it was before the bubble. After all, everyone is trying to get as much money out of the prize pool as possible and that means lasting longer than as many opponents as you can.

Depending on where you are in the standings, there are a number of ways to approach this period of play. Playing as a deep stack, you can approach the post bubble period of play in two distinct fashions. The first way that you can approach play with a deep stack after the bubble is to play aggressively and go for the final table. This means that you are going to get involved in pots and try to grow your chip stack just like you were before. This is really the only method that you are going to get to the final table unless you are sitting on a staggering chip lead.

Another approach that many people take is to relax and play extremely tight in this UBPoker position to get as far as possible as they can without taking any risks. Playing like this will trade your chance at a final table with the ability to go very far into the money without putting yourself at risk. This is a great option for players who are not really comfortable with going all the way in a tournament or do not have such a large chip stack.

As a short stack, your position is pretty bleak at this point in the tournament. If you are going to survive, you are going to have to make some big plays and build your chip stack. With the discrepancy between the deep stacks and the short stacks quite large, you may run into situations where you are pretty much screwed. Getting back into the PokerStars game from a short stack requires a great deal of skill, well-timed play and aggression, and a decent amount of luck. You are going to have to go all in, almost certainly more than once, and you are going to need to dodge bullets to get back into it.

Overall, playing after the bubble is a great place to be in. You are already finishing in the money and depending on your situation you can end up deep into the money or maybe not. In order to get to the final table, however, you are going to need to already be in a good position and you are going to need to play well.