Strategy for Hijack Position Play

Playing from the hijack position when you are sitting at the poker table is an excellent opportunity for players who use the advantages of the position properly. There are many benefits to being in the hijack position but arguably the biggest is the fact that you are second to last to act and, as a result, have a great deal of information with which to make your decisions. Having information at your disposal is vital to your success at the table. In order to get the biggest benefit from this position, you must use the information that it provides.

The best thing that you can do when playing from the hijack position on Full Tilt Poker is to make sure that you pay attention to every action that people take before it is your turn to act. By focusing on everything that the other players do, you will be able to make a much better decision when it is your turn to act. What you do when the action comes to you depends upon what the people in front of you have done. There are so many options available to a player in this position that a lot of it is also dependant on personality.

One of the strategies that is perfectly suited to the hijack position is stealing the blinds. Almost everyone is expecting players to steal the blinds from the cutoff position but the number of people expecting it from the hijack is significantly less. As such, you will be able to get away with stealing the blinds more often from the hijack position when compared to the cutoff. In addition to stealing the blinds, you can play almost any two cards from this position depending on whether anyone has raised in front of you. Assuming that action has been pretty weak in front of you, you can often bluff completely and put in a big raise to get more money than if you were just trying to steal the blinds.

There are some occasions that you should play a little more slowly when in the hijack position on a site like One specific situation where it is ideal to put the brakes on is when the actions in front of you is really light and you have a very solid hand. In these situations, you can easily push out the rest of the people at the table if you make a sizeable raise, which will usually result in a decreased return on your premium hands. Thus, high quality hands can be played slowly to extract extra money from your opposition. While it does give the potential of trapping yourself, it also leaves open the option of re-raising if someone raises behind you.