Tight Aggressive Poker Strategy

In poker, the tight aggressive strategy is arguably the best and most common strategy that exists today. There is good reason for the popularity of the tight aggressive strategy as it combines many good things all under the umbrella of one strategy. It can be argued that tight aggressive play is the mathematically correct choice when playing poker and if poker was played in an emotionless vacuum, this would be correct. Regardless, the tight aggressive strategy is the standard strategic archetype used by most of the top players around the world and being able to execute the strategy effectively will do wonders for your poker game.

As you might have guessed, there is a tight element to the tight aggressive strategy and there is an aggressive element. The tight element is playing tight. The meaning of playing tight, for those who do not know, is being very selective about the PokerStars.net hands that you choose to play. A player who is playing tight will fold a good deal of the hands that they get. Most of the hands that you are dealt in any given hour at the poker table will be unworthy of play. As such, you should be folding the majority of your hands. By playing tight you will limit your downside risk by avoiding bad or problematic hands and keeping as many chips in your stack for when you get really good hands.

When you do get hands that are worth playing, a tight aggressive player will play them very aggressively. There is a saying that goes if your hand is good enough to call it is good enough to raise and this is a motto that the tight aggressive player takes very seriously. Hands that you are playing as a tight aggressive player should be good; therefore, you should be playing them very aggressively by betting and raising. While being aggressive means that you should be attacking the pot and making moves, it does not mean that during the additional betting rounds you should not reevaluate your position should the status of the board change.

Using a tight aggressive playing style when you play poker online involves more than just folding hands that are poor and playing extremely aggressively when you get hands that are good. Using the tight aggressive play style correctly involves being able to think while you are sitting at the table and react to changes in your environment. Using a tight aggressive strategy in poker is a very intellectual approach to the game and is the most popular approach to the game used by many of the world’s best pros. By folding the majority of the hands that you are dealt and playing the hands that are good very aggressively, you should be able to instantly improve your overall play and start to put more money into your stack.